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Managing your small business web, internet, and social media presence can often be an overwhelming task. Technology is constantly changing. You are then left to take time away from your business to figure out what you need to do to keep your website accurate and up to date. Open Door Web & Business Solutions will create and develop a custom website for you that will meet your specific needs.

Specializing in affordable, professional design
and solutions for small businesses.
Website  linking to Social Media
Social Media website content
Social Media website integration
Website social media support
Social Media targeted campaigns
YouTube video integration
And So Much More!
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No one needs to tell you that Social Media has exploded in popularity. Social Media and Social Networking essentially is defined as sharing and recommendation based information exchange through user-managed channels and websites. Integrating a social network into your website empowers users to participate in conversation and in that way promotes your business. The use of social networks is an important part of your web strategy and it can lead to the expansion of your business, promotion of your business and a better brand position. This type of interactivity can launch your business, present your services and allow users to participate in your processes.  Your Social Media is a "snapshot" of your business, products, and services, while your website gives the full picture of your business, products, and services.

A website is no longer an additional
marketing tool, it is a necessity.

Social Networking statistics are growing at a rapid pace.  With more than 73% of the Worlds population active on at least one Social Media avenue.  The average Social Media user spends on average at least 55 minutes per day on Social Media, and the audience grows roughly 29% per year.  Your website can and should be integrated into your Social Media platforms.  One platform does not work properly without the other. 

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